My very first wedding #AlBeeYoursForever

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My first wedding huh? I mean my FIRST time actually attending a wedding... How dope is that? My two good friends Albert and Bianca got married in Florida; rented a beautiful air b&b and had the gang stay for the weekend. To be exact we flew Wednesday night anddddddd it was some scary sh*t because I hate planes AND I could not see shit because it was night time. So In my head i'm thinking damn, is this plane is about to fall? Because I don't trust it. Trust what? girrrrrrrrrl, i don't know, I'm being paranoid. Anyway, when we got there, we stood over Bianca's mothers, brothers, cousins, girlfriends titi's house for the night-  our MTV crib would be ready tomorrow morning. That was fine, I just wanted a bed to sleep on; my neck was hurting from the cramp I caught on the plane trying to sleep to forget how sh*tless scared I was. You know what time it was when i hit that bed.

*knock knock*


Hair all over Rachells face,  (clothes still on from the night before) 

Rachell looks at the time on her iWatch (oh she fancyyy)



*200 seconds later* 

"I'm up"

She lays back down and snoozes for another 5 minutes.

So we head over to Colada, a Cuban eatery, I forgot what I ordered but it was a sandwich with eggs, something like that. IT WAS SO BOMB DOE. As we were eating, we were so excited talking about the house and the weekend. I ate so much I could hardly breathe and walk at the same time. Next thing you know we were already on our way to the house. As we're unloading our belongings, We noticed Esme and Eddies black rented mustang.

ooooh okayyy  *i thought*

They welcomed us at the door step, 

"heyyyyyyy yallll"

Me, Rubi, Diane (who I later met) and John, my boyfriend were bunkmates in Macys room. The little girls name (in big polkadot letters printed on the door). (We made it work by the way). When everything was unpacked, I joined Esme and B's (Bianca) suite. 

"Yo lets get this go pro going!" I said excitingly to B

We set up the go pro and ever since then, the shit has never been shut off (well for the most part). Everyone else throughout the day started arriving- like wet dogs. It's been raining all day since last night. B was pretty bummed out because her dream wedding was about to be ruined by the rain. After Albert and Eddie made a huge compra (grocery list purchase), we made it a priority to start the drinking games to make everyone warm up to each other. To be quite honest,  everyone except the bride and the groom, were strangers to me. Diane starts cooking, Rubi starts to mingle around and i sat there drinking; trying to get a little tipsy so that I wouldn't be so tense. I could be shy, what can i say? It didn't take long for everyone to finally become comfortable with each other. We took the drinking game outside by the pool (which was F*KN phenomenal!!!). I sucked so bad at flip cup, until I was in the *i'm almost drunk* turning point, I made some shots. Who would've thought? Rachell good at flip cup....drunk. hahahah. At about 1 am, we settled in and hovered in one of the living rooms (because the place had two huge ones). We started playing cards against humanity. That was the funniest game I've ever played... as an adult... fuck i'm getting old.  And guess who won? YEAHH BOY, YA GIRL RARA. I guess I am a little funny. 

Any who, fast forward to the next morning, We met James and Amanda, they were the last ones to show up the house. Amanda is B's maid of honor. James is Amanda's boyfriend. We called James, Hi i'm James, throughout the whole trip. LOL That would just be the first thing he always said to everyone. We thought it was funny, he's the homie though so chill It was then the morning brunch.  Another mingling session; by then I warmed up to pretty much everyone and got to know everyones 10 year plan. LOL jk. I was pretty pissed though because I wasn't able to take good pictures of my outfits. You know when you too turnt you hardly take photos? Yeah that was I. 

Fast forward. Hi i'm James took us out that night to Cash Only, in Fort Lauderdale. He made it rain on us, literally. No chip in's accepted. I was fine with that too. First of all, I realized I forgot my ID when we arrived at the club. John was so pissed. As we're on line approaching the bouncer, he was completely oblivious about what we were about to do. John gave me the wink like just follow my lead. As the bouncer is looking away, I somehow managed to move up to the other side while john kept him busy chewing his ear off. The skirt I  bought couldn't have been any shorter, every 15 steps i pulled it down. I'm on vacation, i thought, entitled as fuck. They first sat us in the lower level (the rave crew), till we realized there was a second floor (the hiphop, we don't fuck with rave floor, crew). I was happy we left. I was tired of hopping in my heals. Our waiter was super cute; the buzz cut, big booty, petite rocker looking chick. That night I ended up asking her if me and john could touch her butt, she glad accepted and hopped over to John. in the count of 3 we smacked her butt. What?! I was having fun. Only time my boyfriend is allowed to touch another girls butt is when i say so. So me and John left earlier than the gang; we met up with his Russian friend Nic. Nic ends up making the best jerk chicken I've ever had (which was the only time lmao) later on in the weekend. When we arrived at the house, we sat by the intercostal smoking marijuana (for" medicinal purpose") and eating m&m's (not the peanut one though). I fell asleep in no time with m&ms falling out of my mouth. As I wake up out from the 2 minute power nap, I noticed Nic taking off. 

"Wait, where are you guys going" confused and ready to party again. 

"Wheres the party?".

They laughed and told me i should go to sleep.

Right when we get to the house, the rest of the gang pulled up. And they bought a big ass pie of pizza with hella pimienta (pepper). I took a bite, I was trying to watch my figure for the weekend. Sike, I thought, I just ate family sized m&ms, who am i kidding? The next morning was the BIG DAY! The wedding. Ya'll don't know how many times I snoozed my alarm. The first one to get their hair done was Albert, my boy got braids. He has a samurai hair going on, Then was Amanda, Hi i'm James girlfriend, B's oldest daughter Brooklyn and then the beautiful bride herself. Can you believe after 2 days of rain, and including the morning OF the wedding, it didn't rain after that evening? God is good and made it work in our favor. Even though supposedly its good luck if it rains on the day of the wedding. You think B was trying to hear that shit? LOL. Her hair (which she decided to change last minute), to her makeup, to her dress was perfect. When walked down that isle, I wanted to cry so bad, but girrrrrrllll my mascara cannot run right now, I took my time on it. To be honest, i cannot recall much of the wedding because I literally blacked out after 3 hours. It was bittersweet because I said that I wanted to have a lit night, I guess I manifested this. B ended up throwing herself in the pool with her wedding dress. It was literally a memorable moment. The next day was literally a blur. The stories I heard about myself that night were incredibly funny and believable. I never knew I was so sassy and bold. According everyone, I was walking around the mansion in my neon green bikini. entitled as fuck. Everyone told me to go put some clothes on because it was a tad bit chilly. Apparently I didn't give a shit because I told everyone no, in a go fuck yourself tone. I also had millions of scratches on my body, including a huge one on the bottom of my foot, which had me limping for 3 days straight, Apparently I also threw myself in the intercostal! How the fuck?! I can't swim! Then i thought, I really fucking blacked out. Sunday was the day of the hangover BBQ. All of the girls wore the same bathing suit (except for me because I bought a whole different bathing suit, thinking it would be the same red as everyone else). B wore a white one piece and did the red Baywatch thang with us. We took a pictures on the fishing boat. It felt luxurious and bougie. Haha. We sucked with directing the photoshoot but it was funny because it wasn't planned so we all looked like complete idiots. We even did a photo session "twerking". I wasn't close to doing it correctly. I have an ass for no reason, I thought as i attempted to twerk. We ended up at the beer pong table, blasting music and getting drunk. The boys bought cuban cigars later that night. All the girls changed into new bathing suits (because we all over packed) and hung out at the pool. Samantha (Johns sister) and Esme even taught me had a swim that night. That Monday was so bittersweet because thats when we all had to part wayyyyyyzzzzzuuhhhhh (Ways) (I'm being dramatic). It was sad because we all bonded so well. Aside from some chisme (gossip) that was going on, we became family. It was such an emotional experience for everyone. Love is beautiful and its even more beautiful to see everyone love and celebrate your marriage.


Below are some pictures from my trip! Enjoy and don't laugh too hard

RANT#1 [image] (Vlog)

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So there you have it, my very first rant video... and get ready because theres more coming :) My homegirl sent me a text and I felt like this was the perfect time to bring up a valid point. How far can your looks really get you? in a relationship? hmm?? Anyway I go off on this video expressing myself, like always.

Subtle Green Glam Tutorial

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I guess I just woke up feeling green. In this video I'm going to show you how to achieve a flawless and yet subtle look using the color green. You can totally pull this off with any outfit, that's how subtle it is. Below the video I'm going to list the products I used. ENJOYY <3<3<3<3


(Click the 1080p HD resolution in settings for better quality!)

                  Learn how I created this subtle glam look using green eyeshadows.      


Here's a list of the products I used below:


-Rose hibiscus mist (any brand works, I got mine from TJ Max)

- Moisturizer and primer Embryolisse


-LA girl foundation

-Mac Pro long wear concealer

-Mac skin finish medium (to set face, didn't show in video but i'm greasy as hell!)

-Bahama mama (The balm) bronzer

-Mary Lou (The balm) highlighter

-Elf cream liner (Brow products) in Coffee


-Mac palette (the "brown" is Saddle)

-Inglot ("green") shadow -Lashes (generic brand)

-Lash glu Duo


-Mac Velvet Teddy & clear gloss


Songs playing in video:

*Gold link- Crew

*Dvsn- Don't choose

*Young fathers- I heard



Feeling like a pretty yellow flower...

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Just felt like exploring the city with this heavenly tight yellow tube skirt and off the shoulder white top. My skirt is from Forever 21, shirt is from Papaya and my nuddie heels are from Steve Madden. I let my hair air dry and then just added a braided in the center part. Light face beat of course but used my Mac Russian Red lipstick to give it that boom chika whao whao affect.


Summer luvin'

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It's really not that serious, I mean who wouldn't wear a power puff girl bathing suit? I felt cute, young and powerful <3  No but seriously, I had fun wearing this piece; it's not usual to see a 24 year old rocking' a kiddie show bathing suit- YEAH I DID THAT. I got this piece in Forever 21, the bathing suit shawl is from H&M, sunglasses bought from the homie down the block on St.Marks, and my Corona beer is from yours truly CORONAAAA LOL. 



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For this look I decided to mix and match (dressy + casual). This is perfect for brunch with the girls or dinner with your bae. My top is from Zara, my pants are H&M and my shoes are from Aldo. Also kept it cute and simple with accessories and makeup; less is always more in my book.


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~ OOTD ~


If you haven't noticed, my style can be a little complex but it always stays under one category... simple. For this look I did a crown braid, hoop earrings to give my look a little sass and kept my makeup clean, You should not be caking it under these weather circumstances. ITS WAY TOO HAWT. My top is H&M, bottom and shoes are Forever 21. 




<3 Welcome back <3

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I almost reached 2 years without posting! WTF. Let me fill you in...I went off to beauty school and began working in the field. That's literally what happened. A new baby sister, a new job and a roommate later, I'm back BABYYYY. You'll learn later on that consistency is key, if you haven't already. When I first started this blog I was in college for nursing. Did I finish? No. Why? Because F!#% that! I wasn't happy and I just didn't see myself doing that for the rest of my life. No offense to nurses. It wasn't my passion. My family had a lot to do with my decision making to go off and study nursing. "oh you're going to make so much money and be stable" blah blah blah. Anyway, I had so much fun in beauty school, and didn't mind waking up at 6:30 in the morning for 5 days a week. That's PASSION. I live for makeovers. It's not just a physical change but internal. Think about it, how many women sit on my chair and tell me about their life story, Or at least the most stressful part. I'm very compassionate about what I do. I'm all about the good vibes. Namaste. Keep the negative sh!# off my blog; this is meant to teach you a thing or two and make you laugh.




Outfit of the day~

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  Hey beauties! I put together these beautiful pieces, with the help of Rania Zohny (instagram: @raniasmakeup), my hairstylist and makeup artist, and Justin Mercado (instagram: femmemisandry), my photographer, I was able to create this look!


Top: Forever 21

Bottom: H&M

Shoes: Target

Shades: ALDO

Outfit of the day

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     Hey beauties! Velcomeeeee backk! (thick vilan voice HAHA). Today I put together this beautiful and simple outfit I wore today! If you know me know me, I'm as simple as it gets. "less is more". I usually like to style pieces that are simple and make one item "pop", and in the case, it was my shoes!  

                                                        (Click to enlarge photo)

Shades: ALDO

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Vince Camuto 


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Hey dolls! It's been forever... I know! But whats a great way to start again than to begin with a haul! I bought a few things from target, but only decided to take pictures of the shoes because it was the prettiest, hahah! You'll have to wait and see the rest of the items in the video! Enjoy! Xoxoxo


| Q's & A's VLOG! |

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Hey beautiful people! I finally recorded my very first Vlog! I answered a few questions. which i wish i had more but nevertheless, ask whatever you guys want on my contact page! I had fun with this! Let me know what ya'll think! Xoxo


How I clean my brushes!

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This is probably the shortest video on history! LOL But I wanted to show you gals how I wash and care for my brushes. You literally just need soap. For me, I just use Johnson baby wash (although sometimes I use regular shampoo). Let me know what you guys use and what you think! Xoxo 


Natural Makeup Tutorial

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Hey! Today I decided to make a tutorial on how I achieve my natural everyday look. I mentioned in the video that your natural to you could be different from what I perceive natural; its all about what your comfortable with. Always remember to love yourself! Below I'll list the products I used. Chao! Xoxo


-Graftobian Foundation

-NYX HD concealer 

-Ben Nye Banana Powder

-Black radiance Contour in creamy biege 


-LORAC pro palette

-MAC shadow soba

-NYC liquid liner 

-ELF cream in coffee for brows


-Maybelline Nude in Sin-a-bun

-NYX sugar pie gloss

Get ready with me!

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Hey dolls,

In this video, I record myself getting ready (doing my hair and makeup). Below I'll list the products I used. Xoxo



-KENRA hair protecting spray


-Grafotbian foundation

-NYX HD concealer

- BEN-NYE Banana powder

-Black radiance in creamy biege


-Sephora lip liner  


-H&M top & bottom

-Vince Camutto Shoes 

Skin care talk/ get ready with me

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Hey dolls! So I made a video going over my skin care and what products I use. I also did a quick makeup tutorial! Below I'll list the products I used! Xoxo


-Graftobian foundation

-ELF concealer 

-Black radiance bronzer

-Ben-nye banana powder

-Golden bronze MAC


-NYC liner

-Maybelline mascara

-LORAC pro palette


-Wet n' wild Lipstick